Witty Maryland Seniors List School On Website With A Hilarious Description

By John A

A group of witty high school seniors from Fort Meade, Maryland, pulled off a clever and light-hearted prank that had the whole town talking. In a surprising move, these students listed their very own Meade High School on the popular real estate platform, Zillow, for a mere $42,069. The tongue-in-cheek listing, although later taken down, offered a comical glimpse into the “unique features” of the school.

Source: Lissandra Melo/Shutterstock

The students’ ad showcased a sense of humor that played on the school’s quirks, humorously dubbing it a “nice half-working jail.” The playful description promised potential buyers such charming amenities as a “complementary trash-scented air freshener” and “water issues,” adding to the cheeky tone.

They persistently made light-hearted remarks about “sewage concerns” affecting all 15 bathrooms and went as far as to jest about “perilous incomplete areas that might jeopardize your safety!” The pranksters didn’t stop there, revealing that the “neighbors are rodents and insects that will make you squeal!”

Despite the sassy undertones of the listing, Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ spokesperson, Bob Mosier, saw the humor in the situation. Acknowledging the students’ creative ingenuity, he humorously commented on their underestimation of the school’s true value. In his statement, Mosier playfully predicted a rush of potential buyers eager to seize the “prime real estate with amazing amenities.”

Source: @sambalye/Unsplash

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time students in the district engaged in such antics. During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, seniors from Broadneck High School attempted a similar “for sale” prank with a sign outside their institution. Mosier recounted this episode as well, highlighting that these pranks were harmless and injected a good-natured laugh into the community.