The Intriguing Phenomenon of Human Dolls: The Quest for Plastic Perfection

By Martin B

Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica have both gained notoriety for their uncanny resemblance to the iconic plastic duo, Barbie and Ken. However, their paths to becoming the epitome of living dolls are as distinctive as their looks, and their relationship with each other is contentious at best.

image credit: Valeria Lukyanova/Facebook/ allthatsinteresting

Valeria Lukyanova, born in Moldova and now a Ukrainian model, has been dubbed the “Human Barbie.” Her doll-like appearance has been a subject of intense media fascination. Contrary to the narratives, Lukyanova claims that her goal was never to mimic Barbie but to achieve her own ideal of beauty and femininity, which coincidentally aligns with the doll’s features. Aside from breast augmentation, she denies undergoing other extreme surgeries and criticizes the rumors about her having ribs removed for a slimmer waist. Lukyanova also engages with spiritual and mystical concepts, at one point expressing an interest in becoming a breatharian, though she acknowledges the dangers of such a practice. She has sparked controversy with her remarks on race and beauty standards, and her stance against feminism and childbearing, citing the self-centered motives of many parents.

On the other side, Justin Jedlica, from New York, has embraced the moniker of “Human Ken.” Unlike Lukyanova, Jedlica openly acknowledges his extensive history with plastic surgery, having undergone over 780 procedures and spending more than $800,000 in his pursuit of what he considers an art form. He refutes the idea that he is striving for perfection or superficiality, instead asserting a deeper personal journey through his transformation. Despite the jabs from critics, Jedlica maintains a strong sense of self and uses his appearance to push boundaries in the cosmetic surgery field. His personal life faced tragedy when his brother died in prison under mysterious circumstances, an event that has prompted him to use his visibility to seek justice.

image credit: Justin Jedlica/Facebook/ allthatsinteresting

The real-life Barbie and Ken, Lukyanova and Jedlica, met in 2013, sparking a feud that has since made headlines. Jedlica has criticized Lukyanova for creating an illusion with makeup and styling, likening her to a drag queen, while Lukyanova has shot back at Jedlica’s overdone cosmetic enhancements, particularly his lips.

Their story is not just about physical transformation but also about the complexities of public personas and the controversial dialogue surrounding beauty standards. The tension between them underscores the competitive and often harsh world of those striving to become human equivalents of dolls, highlighting the lengths to which individuals will go to achieve their version of perfection.