Nature’s Interference: Cherry-Eating Blackbirds Cause Pick-Your-Own Festival To Be Called Off

By Martin B

The excitement of a pick-your-own cherries festival at Cotehele, a historic estate managed by the National Trust in southwest England, was met with an unexpected and cheeky twist. Just days before the event was scheduled to take place, a group of “cheeky blackbirds” made their move, swooping in to devour the entire cherry crop from the orchard, leaving event organizers and attendees disappointed.

Source: @rseneca/Unsplash

The National Trust announced the setback on Facebook, attributing the cherry feast to the mischievous blackbirds that call Cotehele home. The birds managed to clear all 80 cherry trees, leaving nothing for the anticipated festival. The unexpected turn of events drew humor from the organizers, who referenced the adage “never work with children or animals,” recognizing the unpredictable nature of these situations.

This year’s cherry crop had already been impacted by uneven spring weather, resulting in a smaller yield than usual. While this circumstance contributed to the scarcity of cherries, the blackbirds’ enthusiastic consumption further complicated the situation.

Despite the inconvenience and disappointment caused, the National Trust expressed a lighthearted sentiment and shared a picture of a solitary cherry hanging from a tree, jubilantly remarking that they had found one before the blackbirds did.

The story brings a smile as it highlights the unpredictability of nature and the whimsical antics of wildlife. It also underscores the delicate balance between human events and the wild inhabitants that share the environment.

Source: @chris23/Unsplash

While the cherry-picking festival faced an unexpected twist, the organizers’ good-natured response resonates with the notion that sometimes, even in the face of challenges, a touch of humor and acceptance can turn an unexpected situation into a memorable and amusing story.