Jurassic Pursuit: Police Track Down Dinosaur After South Dakota Heist

By Martin B

In an unexpected turn of events, police in South Dakota found themselves on the hunt for a velociraptor, not from a prehistoric age, but a statue that had been stolen from an arts and science center. The incident unfolded outside the Washington Pavilion, where a security officer observed three individuals absconding with the velociraptor statue and promptly alerted the police shortly after midnight.

Source: @cspek/Unsplash

The subsequent use of surveillance footage enabled officers to trace the stolen statue to a nearby apartment.

Sgt. Aaron Benson of the Sioux Falls police explained that upon opening the apartment door, detectives spotted the velociraptor statue sitting right inside. The three suspects, aged 18, 19, and a juvenile, were apprehended and charged with grand theft.

Fortunately, the statue was retrieved without any harm, a fact affirmed by Madelyn Grogan, who serves as the Director of Education, Programming, and Exhibits at the Pavilion. The velociraptor statue had been an integral component of the “Dinosaurs in the Wild” exhibit hosted at the Washington Pavilion’s science center.

While the story doesn’t provide specific details about the statue’s size and weight, it is reminiscent of the dinosaur’s estimated dimensions when it roamed the Earth millions of years ago – around 6 feet in length and weighing about 100 pounds.

Source: kikujungboy CC/Shutterstock

The incident highlights the unexpected and sometimes amusing twists that can occur in law enforcement work. Beyond its entertainment value, the story emphasizes the importance of security measures in safeguarding valuable and cherished exhibits.

As officials evaluate ways to enhance the security of their dinosaur statue collection, the escapade of the “stolen velociraptor” will likely become a memorable tale shared within the community and beyond.