Beyond Cheesy: Burger King Creates Giant 20-Slice ‘Burger’ In Thailand

By Martin B

Burger King has taken the culinary world by surprise once again, this time in Thailand, with a daring and towering creation: the 20-slice all-cheese ‘burger.’ This innovation, or perhaps deviation, from the conventional burger showcases the fast-food chain’s penchant for pushing culinary boundaries and capturing attention.

Source: @mashkov/Unsplash

The ‘burger’ is a spectacle to behold – a stack of 20 slices of gooey, melted American cheese delicately nestled between the buns. While it may not fit the traditional definition of a burger, it undoubtedly appeals to cheese aficionados and curious food enthusiasts alike. This unconventional creation speaks to the global trend of bold and unconventional food combinations that attract attention on social media and beyond.

Burger King’s cheese extravaganza could be seen as a form of culinary art, challenging the norms of burger construction while embracing the undying love for cheese. However, it also raises questions about the line between innovation and excess, as well as the cultural influences on fast-food offerings. While some may hail it as a triumph of imagination, others might see it as an example of culinary excess in a world increasingly conscious of health and moderation.

This story highlights how fast-food chains continually experiment with menu items to capture customers’ attention and curiosity. The 20-slice all-cheese ‘burger’ serves as a testament to the power of novelty and the role of social media in driving trends.

Source: Burger King Thailand

While the cheese ‘burger’ might be short-lived, its impact on pop culture and the food industry’s innovation narrative will likely resonate, leaving both cheese enthusiasts and fast-food aficionados with something to remember.