Bare-Handed Triumph: British Man Scales Seoul Skyscraper To 72nd Floor

By John A

In a daring and audacious feat, a British man captivated global attention by embarking on an extraordinary climb up the towering edifice of Seoul’s Lotte World Tower. The world watched in awe as this intrepid free climber, George King-Thompson, defied conventional norms by ascending over half the height of the iconic skyscraper using nothing but his bare hands.

Source: @minkus/Unsplash

The 123-story, 555-meter-tall masterpiece of architecture, known as the Lotte World Tower, had rarely witnessed such a spectacle.

The escapade set off a flurry of activity, with more than 90 emergency personnel, law enforcement officers, and support staff being mobilized to manage the situation. Scaling to the remarkable height of the 72nd floor, approximately 310 meters above the ground, the climber managed to capture the attention of both media and authorities.

George King-Thompson’s bold endeavor wasn’t a standalone event in his storied career. Hailing from the United Kingdom, he had previously scaled the Shard in London, earning notoriety for his trespassing onto the UK’s tallest skyscraper.

His passion for climbing, combined with a dedication to environmental awareness, had also prompted him to ascend the Stratosphere Tower in London, aiming to highlight the pressing issue of climate change.

Source: @rbrooklyn/Unsplash

In the wake of his breathtaking ascent in Seoul, speculation abounds about the motives that propelled him to tackle such an audacious challenge. Carrying a parachute, he revealed his aspiration to BASE-jump from the pinnacle of the building, a decision that only deepens the enigma surrounding his actions.

Although detained by South Korean authorities, George King-Thompson emerged from the daring escapade largely unscathed, with only a minor injury to his right knee. As the world eagerly anticipated his fate, Lotte Property & Development, the company responsible for the Lotte World Tower, prepared to deliberate on the appropriate course of action.