Bakery Invasion: Bear Runs Off With 60 Cupcakes In Connecticut

By John A

In a surprising and somewhat amusing incident, a hungry black bear invaded a bakery in Avon, Connecticut, and devoured 60 cupcakes before making its escape. The bear’s impromptu visit left bakery employees startled and scrambling for safety. The encounter sheds light on the growing issue of human-bear interactions in the state, where black bears are becoming increasingly common.

Source: zdenekmachacek/Unsplash

The incident unfolded as the bakery workers at Taste by Spellbound were busy loading cakes into a delivery van. Suddenly, a bear appeared in the garage, causing one employee, Maureen Williams, to scream in alarm. Despite attempts to scare the bear away, it stubbornly returned three times, even charging at Williams. Fearing for her safety, she retreated and fled the garage.

Surveillance footage captured the bewildering scene as the bakery workers tried to scare off the bear, only to be frightened themselves and run away. The bear seized the opportunity and dragged a container filled with delectable cupcakes from the garage to the parking lot, where it proceeded to feast on them.

The bear’s departure was eventually facilitated by a quick-thinking baker who honked a car horn, prompting the four-legged intruder to retreat. By the time authorities from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection arrived, the bear had vanished, leaving behind a lighthearted tale and 60 missing cupcakes.

This incident, however amusing, highlights a growing concern in Connecticut. The state is home to an estimated 1,000 to 1,200 black bears, with sightings reported in 158 out of 169 towns and cities. Human-bear interactions, both troubling and potentially dangerous, have been on the rise. In recent years, there have been instances of bear attacks, including one where a 74-year-old woman was bitten while walking her dog.

Source: @brookelark/Unsplash

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has observed an increase in reports of bears entering homes, reaching a record high of 67 incidents in 2022. This alarming trend indicates the need for measures to address the growing frequency and severity of bear-human encounters in the state.